My parents are adventurers. Ever since I know myself, they’ve loved caravanning and travelling, and whenever they had the chance to travel, they would use it. This Christmas they have booked their tickets to New York, so in less than two months they will be able to feel the glory of the New York streets.
Those of you haven’t been there, I strongly recommend you to go (if you have the chance of course) as this is a city that has something for everyone. Just like Alicia Keys says in her song “Empire State of Mind”, “…these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you…”, indeed, I completely agree with her. New York is the city that never sleeps, a city that has lots of beautiful architecture and buildings that will blow your mind with their beauty and heavenly appealing look. This is a city that must be seen in order to be felt its spirit, beauty, and inspiration.
I’ve had the chance to see New York five years ago and must admit that it left me breathless. The pictures I took speak volumes when it comes to its beauty, and the impression I’ve got is huge, which was the perfect excuse for my mum’s and dad’s adventure.


To make their journey more beautiful, pleasant, and warm, I decided to give them an early Christmas present, so I went online to find the right one. For my mother, I chose two knitted hat models that will keep her warm while exploring the New York Streets, and for my father, I chose elegant leather gloves since he adores them.

One of the hats is in dark grey while the other is in orange pumpkin colour with three little black/orange flower to make the hat more eye-grabbing. She is in her middle 40s, so the two knitted hat models I chose for her are cloche style as she can combine them with jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses (literally with all her outfits, I’ve made a careful research). Regarding the material, I chose wool as it is cosy and warm, perfect for the colder winter months. Wool is an extraordinary warm material that responds to the environment, can help you regulate body’s temperature, and can absorb humidity while remaining dry making it ideal for cooler months. Besides, it is a durable, hard-wearing and breathable material with antibacterial properties which is another reason for investing in this winter fashion accessory.

Regarding my father’s gloves, I opt for simple leather gloves, as he loves having them in different models and different colours. They are durable, hard-wearing, and I’m sure that he’ll enjoy the gloves inner fleece as it will keep his hands warm and soft. I chose dark brown colour to match his new winter coat and boots, but also to match my mum’s orange and dark grey hat.
Besides the love for travel, they also love to wear similar colours (oh my, they are the perfect couple I know) which is kinda cute, and the reason why I chose these fashion accessories for their next adventurous journey. I hope they would be as satisfied as I am now!


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