For going to the beach, having a fun night out with your friends or maybe travelling to an exotic location, putting together a few stylish summer outfits will have you set up for the entire season. Creating a casual look for summer is all about comfort, you would want something that is easy to slip on and will keep you cool and comfy during the entire day. The focus here should be on clothing pieces that are made from light, breathable materials. A bit dressier summer outfit requires more attention to details, so the focus here is on the accessories. When pared well just one or two accessories can turn a simple outfit into one that is elegant and a bit more glamorous, perfect for a date night with your loved one or fun cocktail party.


Let’s start with casual outfits that need the right dose of comfort and style. When you have to run errands around town you can never go wrong with a slip maxi dress paired with sandals. Since this fashion season is all about bright colours and patterns to spice up your look I would suggest choosing a dress in a nice floral or geometric pattern that would for sure make you stand out of the crowd. Besides a stylish dress, which is a must have clothing piece, another element that can add more versatility to your casual looks is a simple tank top. This is a piece that can be paired in so many different ways. You can wear it with classic denim shorts, a denim skirt or you can combined it with a long linen skirt.


Tank tops are also great for creating more dressy, evening outfits. For instance, you can choose a beige or white tank top and pair it with a chic colourful skirt and you got yourself a stylish outfit for a night out with your friends. For achieving that polished and elegant look this summer try pairing a gorgeous sleeveless blouse with stylish wide-legged pants. This is such a unique evening look ideal to make a memorable fashion statement on any special occasion.


After you’ve put together your stylish summer outfits it’s time for the fun part- accessorizing. From trendy hats for summer to practical sunglasses and handbags, there are some essential accessories that can instantly change the vibes and appearance of any outfit. Hats and sunglasses should not only look great and complement your outfits, but also keep your face and eyes well protected from the harmful rays. Instead for the classic black colour for stand-out sunglasses this summer I would suggest ones with a navy or brown rim. As for the perfect summer hat, a large one that provides a nice shade and is comfortable to wear would be the ideal choice. Some of the trendy hats for summer include the wide-brim, the straw cloche, Panama and let’s not forget about the simple and classic woven fedora.


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